SeminarsTailored for optimal knowledge

The cutting edge technology of NAD Klima diffusers represents remarkable advances in the field of air diffusion.

In order to familiarize yourself with this new technology and to master its’ advantageous applications,

NAD Klima has created, for your benefit, several training seminars.


These seminars were primarily developed for engineers, contractors, building managers and architects.


If you or your group wish to attend one or more of these seminars, please contact us :
819 780-0111 • 1 866 531-1739
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For ongoing education with regards to new advances in air diffusion, you can download the seminar documentation.


How nad

NAD application guide
This seminar is an introduction to the principal high induction NAD diffusers.
What are their particularities and how to make your selection.




Are you comfortable

Are you well seated ?
How to insure the diffusers are not causing discomfort to the occupants of the room ?
This seminar ia targeted towards engineers, technicians, ventilation contractors and property managers who wish to learn more about high induction ventilation, principally on the conditions necessary to garantee the comfort of the occupant.




heating ceiling

Heating through the ceiling
How to use high induction diffusers to heat through the ceiling ?
This seminar explains the condition costs, energy saving and operation costs.




Adjust Calib En

Calibration and adjustment of NAD diffusers
This seminar is targeted to ventilation systems balancing technicians .

The goal is to transmit the method for realizing the ideal balancing of swirl high induction diffuser
. Also covered, is the adjustment of the NAD Klima rollers.




Validation of comfort

DAL 358 : Validation of comfort conditions

Presented as a seminar, this presentation will recommended simple solutions for the usage of the DAL 358 (3 heating and 9 cooling).
The adherence of these conditions will guaranty optimal comfort to the occupants.

      How to select the DAL 358 ?

      How to validate the functioning of the DAL 358 ?

How to use the NAD circle method to locate the diffusers ?

What are the key elements to consider to regulate the system ?





Ez ang

The zone air distribution effectivenes (Ez) of the high induction DAL 358 diffuser reaches Ez=1.1

This presentation explains how the DAL 358 diffuser has reached the standard Ez = 1.1

      Discover the many benefits associated with this factor.
In addition to the optimal IAQ, the application of the DAL 358 provides an opportunity to use up to 27% less fresh air when compared to a traditionnal cones diffuser with a Ez factor of 0.8.


Rapport icone   Original NRC report


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