VLD-VLVIndustrial diffuser


    The VLD and VLV diffusers have been specifically designed for industrial applications.They are made of steel and aluminum and come with adjustable guide blades for horizontal and vertical orientation of the air jet without influencing the balance of the air flow.

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    The adjustment of the blades can be done manually with cables or with a motor.

    When the blades are closed, the VLD achieves a maximum range in cooling mode, due to the large holes in the wall.

    In the closed position, the VLV generates a short range horizontal air movement. The VLV can create a decontaminated zone .


       • Adjustment of the direction of the airflow from horizontal to vertical

       • Reduction of air speeds and temperature variances

       • Localized diffusion of air in areas of high heat or pollution

       • Low loss of pressure and low acoustic level

       • Manual adjustment of blades with cable

       • Possibility of adapting a motorized system, even after installation

       • Installation without a plenum

    Areas of application

       • Industrial workshops

       • Retail spaces

       • Laboratories

       • Polluted workplaces

       • Training rooms

       • For heights of 3 m to 15 m


    Made Canada



GE Bromont VLD W

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