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    The FDD is a high induction flexible air diffuser fabricated of fully waterproof permeated polyester PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).


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    This diffuser is made to address the ventilation needs of spaces with very large volumes of air.

    The precise perforations of the FDD are created by laser according to the data provided by our special software which permits a diffusion of air and maintains homogeny (temperature, humidity and density) offering comfort to the occupants.

    The positioning of the perforations creates a de-stratification of the air in spaces up to 18 meters (60 ft) high. It is strongly recommended for efficiency and energy economy; more than 35% savings by de-stratification and more than 75% savings for the majority of applications when heating fresh air in an industrial setting.

    • High induction diffuser which allows homogeny of the air in a room: the temperature,
       the humidity and the air density.

    • Increased comfort in the occupied zone : comfortable movement of air,
       low temperature differences, low noise.

    • Energy efficiency from the recovery of heat lost at the ceiling :
      >30% heating savings by the air de-stratification for a ceiling >6m,
      >75% heating savings of fresh air in an industrial setting (heat recovery procedures).

    • Perforations adapted to the needs according to : the length, width and height of the room,
      volume of air, ∆ of temperature (heating and cooling).

    • Easy to maintain : easy to clean (Swiffer), low accumulation of dust in the interior because
       the dust is purged by the holes.

    • Durability : Corrosion, mold and chloramine resistant, aluminum suspension rail.

    • Easy installation : Installation using a suspension rail, no sealing required, fewer suspension rods

    • Light, easy to transport

    Areas of application

    • Commercial industry

    • Manufacturing industry

    • Food industry

    • Warehouses

    • Shops

    • Shopping malls

    • Sports complexes : arenas, swimming, pools, gymnasiums, stadiums


    Made Canada






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