DRASemi-circular duct diffuser

DRA entete

    The DRA is a high induction diffuser with dual applications. It can serve as a diffuser or it can be used as a duct. It is particularly suited for rooms with low ceilings, it can be mounted directly to the ceiling.

    DRA seul

    The DRA diffuser is made of galvanneal steel covered with powder coated paint. The standard manufacture size is 1450mm (57 in.) long. Alternatively, it is available indifferent lengths to meet your needs.
    It is ideal for applications where the technology must be not only efficient but also integrated into the architectural design. Integrated eccentric rollers and/or nozzle rollers, the circular RRA diffuser offers a multitude of air direction choices. All air conditioning and heating solutions are found in one application which combines technology, aesthetics and comfort.

    Thanks to the eccentric rollers, the semi-circular DRA diffuser is able to offer multi-directional air flow.

    Whether in cooling or heating mode, the DRA duct diffuser can guaranty comfort to the occupants due to its proven technology.


    • High induction diffuser which allows homogeny of the air in a room: the temperature, the humidity
         and the air density.
    • Increased comfort in the occupied zone : low temperature differences, low noise
    • Eccentric rollers allow an adjustment of the airflow in a 180° range
    • Possibility to change the direction of air flow after instalation..
    • Possibility of reducing the total airflow up 30% in VAV.
    • Make it possible to eliminate the heating baseboard through heating by the diffuser
    • Simplify the ventilation network and reduces installation costs
    • Easy adaption to systems with variable or constant airflow.
    • Easy to maintain : Powder coated paint which minimizes dust collection and makes it easy to clean.
    • Low accumulation of dust in the interior because the dust is purged by the holes.
    • Durability : The powder coated paint prevents chipping,
    • Easy installation: Installed using a metallic suspension rail, threaded rods or directly under the ceiling

    Areas of application

    • Rooms with restricted height
    • Restaurants
    • Office areas
    • Entrance halls
    • Buildings with apparent structure
    • Residential space
    • Air curtains with nozzles


    Made Canada






Pavillon St-Sacrement


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