entete LEED

LEED "PLATINUM" Certification


The Phenix

Montréal, Qué.  


    An ecologically responsible project

    Located in south west Montreal, this building is a model of social and eco-responsibility. An old warehouse revamped during major renovations in 2014, now the 3500 Saint Jacques street has become an example of the architectural and planning best practices.


    The firm has conceived of a unique work environment in accordance sustainable development practices.


    A filtration system has been implemented to treat all the on site water which contributes to the well being of the occupants and their work space with an interior and exterior plantation which improves the air quality.


    Photovoltaic panels on the roof and a heat recuperating system have been installed for fall heating. The distribution of the air has been intrusted to the NAD Klima, RRA diffusers which produce a homogenized blending of the air. This building is home to the head offices of Lemay, a reputed architectural firm recipient of many international distinctions.


    During the summer of 2017 the artist Taka Sudo painted a mural symbolizing the phoenix of human rights on the faced of the building which is now named The Pheonix.


    Architect : Lemay
    Engineer : Martin Roy


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